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Foods That Can Lower Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone is an unpleasant disorder that is believed to affect around 5% of US males. It can lead to depression, fatigue, reduced sex drive and much more. However, what many people don’t realize is that the food they eat can contribute to low testosterone. In this article I’m going to be taking a deeper look at the nutrients and foods that reduce testosterone levels and help you avoid them.

Which Nutrients Lower Testosterone Levels?

Many of the nutrients that have been linked with low testosterone are good for your health and when consumed in moderation will not have a negative impact on your testosterone levels. In fact, you’ve probably seen them get recommended for their health boosting properties in articles and magazines. However, when consumed excessively, the nutrients listed below can contribute to low testosterone:

1) Fiber: Fiber is a highly beneficial nutrient that keeps your bowels healthy, regulates blood glucose levels, allows you to get maximum nutrition from the foods you eat and much more. However, a number of studies have linked a low fat/high fiber diet with reduced testosterone levels. While there are very few studies which have looked at the impact of fiber on testosterone in isolation, keeping your fiber consumption under control is still a great way to keep your testosterone levels high.

2) Isoflavones: The isoflavones are a group of health boosting phytonutrients that are found almost exclusively in soybeans and soy based products. They act as antioxidants in your body and can boost your blood, protect against cancer and more. Unfortunately, according to this study, eating isoflavones also lowers your testosterone levels, so if you want to keep your testosterone levels high, you need to consume isoflavones in moderation.


Which Foods Lower Testosterone Levels?

Fruits, vegetables and whole grain products all contain high levels of fiber while soy based products are rich in isoflavones. However, the four foods listed below contain extremely high levels of these testosterone lowering nutrients:

1) Bran Flakes: Bran flakes are much more nutritious than many other breakfast cereals on the market. However, if you’re trying to reduce your fiber intake, they’re not the best choice, with a 30g serving packing 5g of fiber.

2) Navy Beans: Navy beans are a top quality protein source and go great with salads and hot meals alike. However, they also pack 19g of fiber per cup, so if you want to keep your testosterone levels high, you need to limit your consumption of them.

3) Soy Beans: Soy beans contain over 25% of the RDA for 13 different health boosting nutrients. However, a single cup of these nutritious beans also packs 10g of fiber and 240mg of isoflavones. Therefore, if you want to maximize your testosterone levels, you need to limit the amount of soy beans you eat.

4) Whole Wheat Bread: Like bran flakes, whole wheat bread is better for you than most other types of bread on the market. However, due to its fiber content (3g of fiber per slice), it’s something you may want to skip if you’re trying to boost your testosterone levels.



 If you’re currently consuming large amounts of the foods listed above, they could be the cause of your low testosterone. While many of the foods listed are good for your health in moderation, eating too much can have a negative effect on your testosterone. So cross reference the foods in this article against your existing diet and if you find that certain foods keep cropping up, cut back your consumption and watch your testosterone levels rise.

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