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Testosterone Gel Can Be Dangerous

Testosterone Replacment Therapy is Risky Business

Before you jump into the testosteorne replacment therapy ring, you should know that it does come with some risks.

Read the following articles to learn more about the risks associated with this form of hormone replacement therapy

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

http://men.webmd.comThu, 03 Jul 2008 21:33:45 GMT

should you treat low testosterone? This article helps you understand the benefits, risks, and side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. Gels: AndroGel and Testim come in packets of clear testosterone gel. Testosterone is absorbed 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Overused and Mostly Abused

http://www.towerurology.comWed, 04 Sep 2013 23:46:09 GMT

Dr. Dudley Danoff of Tower Urology discusses testosterone therapy. In addition to the heavy advertisement by mainstream pharmaceutical companies pushing products like Axiron, Fortesta Gel, Testim, Bio-T-Gel, and AndroGel, the popularity of these FDA-approved medications has been further accelerated by the technology that allows these drugs to be But even when used by men with hypogonadism (legitimately low serum testosterone), there are dangers.

From the Desk of Dr. David Zava: Testosterone: Elixir or Dangerous

http://david-zava.blogspot.comThu, 15 Jul 2010 02:56:00 GMT

An FDA-approved testosterone gel was shown to significantly increase risk for adverse cardiovascular, respiratory, and dermatological events in men 65 or older who had impaired mobility and increased health risks.

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